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The working visa or KITAS is a temporary stay visa used for working purposes in Indonesia and is valid for a period of 1 (one) year. The process will take up to 2 months.

This visa is suitable for :

  • Working as an expert with a temporary stay permit

  • Individual cooperation with the Indonesian Government

  • Private Organization Cooperation with the Indonesian Government

  • Private Foreign Investment with the Indonesian Government

  • Joining of working on the boat or floating that operated under the territory of Indonesian Water, territorial sea or continent landing installation as well as Indonesian Exclusive Economy Zone with Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS)

  • Conducting activities that have a connection with a profession as to receiving payment, sport, artist, entertainment, consultant, trading and other professions that already has a permit from the authority

  • Giving guidance and counseling as well as training in the application and Industrial Technology Innovation to improve the quality of industrial product design and to have overseas marketing cooperation for Indonesia

  • Conducting the activity in term of commercial movie production that already has a permit from the authority

Working permit visa / KITAS

For foreigners who want to stay and work in Indonesia.
You will need a sponsorship from an Indonesian based company.

The company that sponsored you needs to supply the following documents to process KITAS :

  • Copy of company’s Deed

  • Copy of Certificate of Ministry of Justice

  • Copy of domicile of the company (SKTU)

  • Copy of the company’s tax number (NPWP)

  • Copy of Office License and Hinder Ordonnantie (SITU & HO)

  • Copy of the company listed certification (SIUP &TDP)

  • Copy of the director’s identity card

  • Copy of the KTP of an Indonesian work colleague

  • 20 company letterheads, signed by the company director and sealed with the company stamp

  • Organization Structure

Foreign applicants papers needed to process KITAS :

  • Copy of the foreigner’s passport

  • Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

  • Copy of Certificate from University

  • Passport photographs with red backgrounds (soft copy)


The above documents need to be sent to Jakarta for approval. If your application is approved you will receive a telex visa, this process can take up 40 working days before a decision is made and the visa granted. When the telex visa is issued you can apply for the real visa at the Indonesia embassy or consulate overseas, nearest to you. We highly suggest you go to Singapore as it is hassle-free and will not have complications with the Indonesian embassy there. When you get your visa, you must return to Indonesia and then report to Immigration maximum 7 days within the arrival date. We can do all this for you and guide you in processing. The process can take up within 14 days in Immigration offices

When finished you will receive the following documents

  • KITAS, limited stay permit card

  • MERP, Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit

  • STM, report certificate from the police

  • IMTA, working permit

What if I need to go overseas?

You must apply for an exit re-entry permit in Immigration, which we will put this into the package in the working visa. Multiple exit re-entry permit valid for 11 months will take about 3 working days to process.



USD 890.00

*The package cost includes multiple exit re-entry permit but excludes the tax to the government USD 1200 to the government for your 1 whole year stay in Indonesia.

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