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The economy of Indonesia is characterized by a mix between the government sector and the private sector, and it is considered the largest economy in the southeastern side of the continent of Asia, and its gross domestic product is estimated at 706.7 billion dollars, and the industrial sector is one of the largest sectors in it, accounting for approximately 46.4% of the gross domestic product. The services sector constitutes approximately 37.1%, the agriculture sector is about 16.5%, and it owns more than 164 institutions.

It ranks 27th as the largest exporter in the world, and in 2005, Indonesia obtained a large trade surplus of revenues from the United States of America, which is estimated at $ 83.640 billion, while its percentage of import from the United States of America was estimated at $ 62.020 billion, in addition to that It has a large number of natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, copper, gold, tin, and many others. As for its will, it includes equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel, and equipment, and its exports include electrical tools, oil, and Gas, wood and rubber, as well as textiles.

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