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Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA) translates as Foreign Investment Company. The legal entity through which a foreign person, foreign company, or foreign government body can conduct business in Indonesia is the PT PMA, which is the only and safest method to be compliant with the Indonesian property ownership regulation. Individuals who are Indonesian citizens are entitled to own land under the Hak Milik title. Foreigners may acquire other forms of entitlements over lands such as a leasehold right (Hak  Sewa) or the right to use the land (Hak Pakai).

A PMA company may be up to 100% foreign-owned, thereby allowing a foreign investor to have direct legal control over the company and its business activities. 

The difference between Limited Liability Company and PMA (Foreign Investment) is that the PMA should be through the Investment Coordinating Board to obtain consent.

Requirements for PMA business license in Bali :

  • Photocopy Passport of Foreign shareholder and overseas address

  • Photo Copy of Article of Association (Articles of Incorporation) Foreign Enterprises including address [if shareholder Foreign Legal Entity]

  • Photograph Copy of ID and Tax Number (NPWP) of WNI shareholders

  • The photo Copy Identity (ID / Passport) members of the President and Board of Commissioners

  • Lease Agreement and IMB of the building/office

  • Domicile Certificate owners of office buildings stand

  • Name or PT Enterprises, along with Address Phone Number Office, Field conducted the total capital of the Company, the division of Stock Composition and arrangement of the Board of Directors

Documents received for governance and business license PMA in Bali :

  • Registration of Investment (BKPM)

  • Company Deed from Public Notary

  • Domicile of Company

  • Company Tax Number (NPWP)

  • Verification from Minister of Justice

  • Company Listed Certification (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan)

  • Statement from the State (Berita Negara)

  • IUT (Ijin Usaha Tetap) – It’s a certification from the state that you will have after one (1) year of operation. This IUT is not included in the package.



USD 3,600.00

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