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The company can sponsor foreign employees for their working permit and also can sponsor your foreign client and or visitor for business Visa.

Requirements for PT business license in Bali :

  • Name or PT Enterprises, along with Address Phone Number Office, Field conducted the total capital of the Company, the division of Stock Composition and arrangement of the Board of Directors

  • Photograph Copy of ID and Tax Number (NPWP) of minimum 2 shareholders

  • Lease Agreement and IMB of the building/office

Documents received for governance and business license PT in Bali :

  • Company Deed from Public Notary

  • Statement from the State (Berita Negara)

  • Certificate of Ministry of Justice

  • Domicile of Company (SKTU)

  • Company Tax Number (NPWP)

  • SITU and HO

  • Company Listed Certification (TDP & SIUP)

  • UKL/UPL – depends on the business nature of the company



USD 1,800.00

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